Bruce MacDonald
Aug 29, 2018





- Yesterday's Views -

My trusty flatbar steed "Alexa" took me for a spin through Seaton Park yesterday.

Alexa couldn't resist stopping to admire the sunny smiling faces of the daffy dils.


The bloomin' daffies were everywhere!


This royal shower of flower power was on King Street enroute to...


The always panoramic Aberdeen Beach.


Where there were lots of beachy-keen sights to see...


...Like these "plane donuts" in the sky.

Or check out this brave Scot taking a plunge into the North Sea.


And he was not alone.

Although some woofers took more convincing that a dip in the North Sea in April was a good idea.


Accent on the "North".


And that was yesterday's views....



...From the edge of the saddle....


Just leaves you with a smile, doesn't it...


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  • Bruce MacDonald
    Aug 29, 2018

    CRITERIUM - BERMUDA STYLE This is a flashback to a race we watched in Bemuda during our honeymoon back in 2008. We found it pretty cool to go to a criterium and not have to do anything but watch. We're so used to organizing and/or racing them that this spectating sport schtick came as quite the revelation. Enjoy the pics! What's a honeymoon without a day at the races? The Front Street Race was right up our street! In the beginning, the kids' races unfolded. Through all the ages.... On every kind of steed imaginable... In every colour under the rainbow... The racers sped away... Fast..... And you guessed it..... Furious! Category... After category... Undertook the tricky criterium course. With game faces at the ready.... They began their assault on "that" hill.... With "that" climb. And "that" descent... With "that" sharp turn. Lap... After lap... After lap... The racers attacked "that" climb. The minutes ticked by.... You guessed it... Lap after lap. Finally they scaled the climb.... One last time..... Setting up for their big finish for the adoring crowds. What a winning day! Winners... Young.... And old... And then some.... Collected their winnings. And posed for the paparazzi. But the scene-stealers of the day.... In the photo-op category.... Were the young racers handing out the finish medals to.... The yet again younger racers.... At the Front Street Race in Hamilton, Bermuda.
  • Bruce MacDonald
    Aug 29, 2018
  • Bruce MacDonald
    Aug 29, 2018

    Post up your new shiny steed or your ol' classic you still love! I'll start>>>>

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