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Code of Conduct

Rider Conduct

updated Mar 24, 2019

Code of Conduct

Rocky Lake Cycling Road Rider Code of Conduct:


1. ride my bicycle following the same rules of the road as other vehicles and obey all applicable. laws and traffic control signs.

2. ride on the right and only take up as much lane as required to avoid hazards.

3. ride single file except when passing another cyclist.

4. call car back or car up upon being aware of a car approaching. Riders must single up upon hearing this.

5. ride prepared for minor mechanical problems (i.e. carry a spare tube, pump and basic tools).

6. not use earphones, a phone or tri-bars when riding in a group.

7. safety check my bike before any group ride (tires, wheel skewers, brake pads, etc.).

8. carry personal identification.

9. ride in groups not larger than 6 riders, thus allowing vehicles to pass freely.

10. not overlap my wheel with the wheels of other riders, except for very short intervals.

11. when overtaking another rider, do so by saying on your left or on your right.

12. point out and/or call out hazards, such as hole in the event of road surface hazards, or walker/runner if someone is approaching on foot.

13. if I am the rear sweep, I will ensure slower riders (stragglers) are checked with for mechanical or health matters.

14. drink before I am thirsty, eat before I am hungry and rest before I am tired.

15. develop my cycling skills (SMOOTHNESS , CONSISTENCY, CONCENTRATION) to be able to ride in a straight line with smooth pedaling strokes and be a good wheel to follow.

16. not be confrontational with others. If required, I will call HRM Police @ 902-490-5020.

17. regularly rotate the lead in a paceline.

18. if I accidentally go off onto the gravel at the side of road, rejoin after the group has passed.

19. not be shy about pointing out the unsafe riding practices of others (in a constructive and encouraging way). It is in my interest and that of my fellow riders.

20. recognize that the Executive of the Club, at its sole discretion, may revoke membership and/or refuse membership. (in a constructive and encouraging way).


There are other "common sense" bits of etiquette that will apply as well. .. so I add the following two for all new and old riders. Think about the effect of all of your actions on the riders and cars around you. Riders are following you very closely. Ride as smoothly as possible. Be predictable (in a good way) A good policy for new riders is to stay at the back and watch for at least a few rides. If you don't know where you stack up in the riding hierarchy, then assume you should be at the back until you do know. Thanks for Reading this... Ride Safely!!!

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